Rabu, Juli 22, 2009

High Scalability, High Reliability, Low Cost (Java Sun Microsystem)

Sun GlassFish Portfolio

Download this informative guide, "Build a High-Performance Open Web Platform for your Enterprise," to learn how to grow new revenue and profits at a lower total cost of ownership and a lower initial cost of development.

Using Sun GlassFish Portfolio as the core of an open web platform, this paper details how to achieve:

1. A low cost of initial deployment
2. Long-term cost predictability
3. High developer productivity
4. Centralized management, monitoring and scaling
5. The highest price-performance available

. . . plus more.

You'll also learn how GlassFish Portfolio is ideally suited for a wide variety of industries such as healthcare, telecommunications and government.

When you're looking for an open, flexible, rich, and cost-effective way to develop and deploy highly scalable enterprise Web applications, this guide is a "must have."

Get the Guide Today!

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Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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