Sabtu, Juli 25, 2009

Guide to App Server High Availability

When you're faced with having to deliver high availability, business-
critical applications while under the financial constraints of tough
economic times, this whitepaper is a "must read":

Guide to GlassFish High Availability

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server enables enterprises to deploy
advanced high availability features in business-critical
environments. The GlassFish application server cost effectively
scales to meet the needs of the most demanding applications while
delivering record-breaking performance and high availability without
the complexity of proprietary application servers.

In this recent configuration guide, Sun engineers describe:

• Service and data availability configurations
• Business-critical service configurations
• Deployment topology considerations
• Plus more

The reference configurations presented in this guide demonstrate how
to deploy business services to meet various availability
requirements, from the highly scalable service availability
configuration to the business-critical, 99.999% service-and-data
availability configuration. Learn more from this indispensable guide.

>> Download the Whitepaper

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Want to discuss how GlassFish fits into your environment?

By Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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