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Give your presentation impact with images and video

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Microsoft Office
Turn your ideas into powerful presentations. Engage your audience with images and video in PowerPoint 2010.

Want to really capture your audience's attention? The new picture and video editing tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 can help turn your next presentation into a real crowd-pleaser. You can quickly crop, add effects, or correct colors in your images without any additional photo-editing software. And adding cool special effects like fades, reflections, or 3-D rotation to embedded video clips is a great way to wow a crowd.

Take a seat in the director's chair.

It's easy to give your presentation more cinematic quality with some eye-catching video.

1. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, and Video on the far right.

Screenshot: Add video in Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint

2. Choose From File.
3. Click through the menu to insert your video, and select the commands in the View Tools tab of the Ribbon to Trim, Bookmark, Fade in, or Loop your video.

Want to do more with your presentation? Visit the Powerpoint Getting Started Center.

Pictures speak a thousand words.

The picture-editing tools in PowerPoint 2010 can turn your presentation
into a work of art:

1. Insert a picture onto a slide, using the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
2. When the picture is inserted, the Picture Tools tab displays all of
the editing options available. If you already have a picture on your
slide, double-click it to display the Picture Tools tab.

Screenshot: Artistic Effects in Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint

3. Click Artistic Effects to preview more than 20 effects to apply to
your photo right away.

For more picture-editing tips, take a look at Add or Change an Effect for a Picture article.

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Webinar: Develop SIP Solutions with SailFin

Free Webinar: SailFin - Delivering SIP capabilities to Java EE, GlassFish developers. Register now.
Free Webinar: SailFin - Delivering SIP capabilities to Java EE, GlassFish developers
Bring Your Questions to the Live Q&A!

Dear rizal aditya,

The newly released Sun GlassFish Communications Server (SGCS) 2.0, built from open source Project SailFin, is a scalable, highly available, converged application server that brings the power of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) servlet technologies to the Java EE Platform. SailFin, based on GlassFish, is a perfect fit for developers familiar with Java EE and GlassFish and looking for SIP solutions.

Attend the webinar and learn:
  • What is SailFin, what it can do for you and its corresponding eco-system
  • SailFin architecture, features and roadmap
  • New features in SGCS 2.0
  • How to write SIP-based applications
Join us for this live webinar that will provide an overview of SGCS 2.0 and SailFin.

SailFin: Delivering SIP capabilities to Java EE, GlassFish developers
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT / 19.00 CET (check your time zone)
Prasad Subramanian, Staff Engineer, GlassFish Application Server

Reserve Your Seat

» Bring your questions to the live Q&A.
» Even if you can't make the live event, sign up anyway so we can send you the replay information.

Learn More about the GlassFish Porfolio.

Thank you,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

PS. Want to achieve lower costs by obtaining web infrastructure to deliver new and dynamic services? Learn how.
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Introducing Ipad - Apple 2010

iPad. Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.
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HPC Is Changing Everything | Download Ebook Free from SUN

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HPC Is Changing Everything
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Dear Anyone
No longer just for rocket scientists, high performance computing (HPC) is playing a central role in datacenters all over the world, enabling organizations to develop new products, streamline processes, cut costs, and giving them a competitive advantage.
Get the facts about what exactly HPC is — and how it can help you — in this special edition eBook, HPC for Dummies, from Sun and AMD.
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Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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