Sabtu, Desember 18, 2010

Affordable Virtualization ? Get It With VMware !

IF ONLY virtualisation was more affordable and easy to deploy
With VMware, it’s possible.
Simplify your server environment and save money.
Did you know that over the next year, 50% of small and midsized businesses are moving to virtualization?1 Are you ready to join them? VMware delivers:
Affordability: You benefit from the market-leading solution that provides enterprise-level virtualization at a low cost.
Easy Deployment: Virtualising 20 servers typically takes just 2 weeks and applications can be provisioned in just minutes.
Availability: You’ll create a robust, highly available infrastructure at a low cost that simplifies data back up and recovery.
Discover the possibilities with VMware.
See how you can benefit from VMware virtualization.
  Get started today. Download our virtualization guide.  

Run the self-assessment and find the right solution for your business
1 VMware estimated worldwide market opportunity for virtualization licences, servers and storage.

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