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Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology

For Mobile Computing
The best notebooks have Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology insideΔ1

Intel’s NEWEST and BEST performing notebook technology includes:
• Up to 50% faster performance when multitasking‡1
• Up to 2X greater range and up to 5X better wireless performanceΔ2
• Designed for the longest possible battery lifeΔ3
• Up to 90% faster performance on intensive multimedia applications like HD video encoding‡2
"Faster processors and chipsets. Great-looking video and graphics. Stronger and faster wireless signals. Better security and manageability. Designed for energy efficiency to enable great battery life. An option to turbo-speed boot time and software application loading"
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Pakistan Observer, Pakistan | May 10, 2007
What’s InsideIntel® Centrino® 2 processor technology is not just a processor, but a revolutionary technology made up of a dual-core processor, chipset, and integrated wireless—designed together for outstanding performance, amazing battery life and faster, broader wirelessΔ2. In short, it is the ultimate in mobile computing for today’s nomadic lifestyle.

Intel® Core™2 Duo processors

Key Features

Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology

Unsurpassed mobile computing performance
Get performance that meets the processing needs of the most demanding multitasker, whether you’re editing photos, watching HD video, or gaming. With a minimum of 3MB Smart Cache and 1066MHz Front Side Bus, Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology delivers performance gains of up to 50 percent.‡1 No more waiting for your notebook to catch up!
Break free with longer battery life
To keep you unplugged longer, we’ve incorporated Deep Power Down and other energy-efficient capabilities into Intel Centrino 2 processor technology. So you won’t need to search for power outlets at every stop along your travels.
Like you’ve never seen or heard before
With HD video and audio decoding, you can access and enjoy more exciting media content than ever while on-the-go.
The future of wireless – today
Operate wirelessly with up to five times better wireless performance, including faster Web browsing, file transfers and rich media downloads.Δ2 Go from office to park bench to café and back home again without missing an online minute.
Enhanced digital media experience
With Intel® Graphics Technology, you’re choosing a smarter, integrated solution for your visual needs. You’ll experience the hottest media in razor-sharp 1080p HD with crystal-clear images and brilliant color.λ And you’ll enjoy more than three times better graphics performance for a rich, realistic and immersive experience while you’re gaming or watching video.‡3

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