Rabu, Agustus 14, 2013

App Itunes Islam : Muslim Faith

Muslim Faith (Iman) is the latest dedicated app that is designed to provide you with complete information and guidelines about Faith and other important faith-related topics that include the testimony of Faith: its definition and requirements; the meaning of worship; belief in Allah's names and traits; the six articles of Faith: belief in Allah, belief in Angels, belief in the Divine Books, belief in the Prophets and Messengers, belief in the Last Judgment (the hereafter), and belief in the Divine Decree (the predestination).

Faith will lead you to the rightful path and Allah's boundless mercy. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy the everlasting bliss in Paradise if Allah (God) wills.

This app consists of a user-friendly interface and a full screen mode combined with an audio feature.

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