Kamis, November 27, 2008

Intel® Core™ i7 Processor For Desktops

Amazing speed for the heaviest workloads

Go to the next level of multi-core performance with the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, the best desktop processor on the planet.‡1 Built on advanced technology that automatically applies processing power where it’s needed most, the Intel Core i7 processor’s incredible speed and efficiency lets you multitask 25% faster‡2 and delivers an amazing multimedia creation experience.

Key Features

Unlimited creativity
Now you can really let your imagination go wild. The Intel® Core™ i7 processor enables digital content creation that’s faster and more efficient than ever before, with up to 40% faster video encoding‡3 and amazing performance for other demanding applications like image rendering and tasks like photo retouching and editing.‡4

A smarter way to work and play
The Intel Core i7 processor delivers maximum PC performance, whether you’re engaged with intensive multimedia applications or simply composing an email. And with more than double the memory‡5 bandwidth performance for faster memory access, you won’t lose productivity waiting for your computer to catch up.

More paths for data flow
Built on Intel® Hyper-Threading technology (Intel® HT technology),◊1 the Intel Core i7 processor gets maximum performance out of its four cores with two threads on each instead of just one. With data being pushed eight threads, you’ll be able to run more applications simultaneously and get more done faster.
Gaming on the edge – and beyond
Experience the full power of today’s most complex and immersive games. By distributing AI, physics, and rendering across eight software threads, the Intel Core i7 processor lets you concentrate on taking down the bad guys while your PC renders all the visuals. And this processor is ready to handle tomorrow’s gaming advances too.

Performance on demand
Thanks to optional Intel® Turbo Boost Technology,◊2 you’ll get processing power exactly where and when you need it most. This feature intelligently accelerates performance to match your workload, so you can enjoy full speed even when you’re using the most demanding applications.

Learn more about the breakthrough technology behind this processor’s brilliantly fast speed. and you check this site for information complete :

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