Sabtu, Desember 15, 2007

The Story Of Abunawas

The Smartest Citizen Award Winner

One day King Aaron held a big dinner party. In the party the king would give the smartest citizen award to Abunawas. Before the party began, Minister Abeydron rushed to king.
"Your Majesty, because the award for the smartest person is very valuable, I think it is better for the award winner to prove his smartness to your people," said Abeydron
"What do you mean ?" King Aaron asked.
"We give him a difficult task that should be solved this night," answered Abeydron.
Then the minister told trhe king his idea. The king gathered all the party-goers and said,"Minister Abeydron just sugested a good idea. This evening I wil give an award to the smartest citizen. To ensure you all that the award winner is really smart, we'll give him a difficult task to be solved. Because it isAbeydron's idea, I'll leave the rest to him."
Abeydron smiled adn said,"Al of you will enjoy your dinner. Enjoy it as yopu can. Abunawas will also do the same thing. There is a lot of drink here. Drink as much as you want," the minister paused. He looked at Abunawas and continued, "He may also drink, but he must drink from this tea pot. I will put it here. He may drink the tea, but he may not lift the tea pot nor lower the spout of the tea pot.!".
The people laughed. The the test seemed impossible to do.
"Okay, gentlemen. Have a good dinner," said the minister."and

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