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New Oracle Solaris 11 Express: Top 3 Cool Things and Related Training

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Spotlight: Oracle Solaris system administrators

Top 3 Cool Things about New Oracle Solaris 11 Express

Oracle Solaris system administrators

#1: Increased performance

Increase throughput, speed up applications and reduce network loads with new features not found in either Oracle Solaris 10 or previous OpenSolaris releases, including ZFS encryption and deduplication, network-based packaging and provisioning systems, and built-in network virtualization.

#2: Easier upgrade path

Simplify migration of your existing Oracle Solaris 10 installations to Oracle Solaris 11 with Oracle Solaris Containers.

#3: Superior storage experience

Use ZFS, the root file system, to eliminate the concept of volumes and the associated problems of partitions, provisioning, wasted bandwidth and stranded storage.

Are you planning to migrate to upcoming Oracle Solaris 11?
Use Oracle Solaris 11 Express now to get early access to the latest Oracle Solaris 11 technology. Oracle provides a series of resources to help you with the migration.

One new resource is Oracle University's course: 'What's New in Oracle Solaris 11 Express'
(click here)

This one-day seminar shows you how to use the new key features of Oracle Solaris 11 Express within your deployments. You will learn how to implement the new packaging system, how to improve your data management capabilities using the default file system ZFS, how to deliver fully virtualized networking, and how to use the advanced security features.

Are you using Oracle Solaris 8 or 9?
Plan for your migration at your own pace. First, migrate your Oracle Solaris 8 or 9 applications and environment to the latest SPARC systems running Oracle Solaris 10. How? Use Oracle Solaris Containers to help you reduce the effort and risk associated with migration.

Get the how-to with 'Oracle Solaris 10 Containers Administration' training (click here)

Start getting familiar with ZFS and learn how Containers and ZFS file system cloning enable you to move or replicate applications rapidly. Cultivate your skills with 'Oracle Solaris 10 ZFS Administration' training (click here)
Become an innovative System Administrator Now
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