Sabtu, Februari 21, 2009

The Land of Toraja

Lemo : The most spectacular cliff grave with more than 50 effigies standing on the balconies
Londa : natural cave grave Old Erong
Kete Kesu : The famous Village of Handcraft wood carving centre and the hanging grave behind    it.
Suaya  : The old royal tombs of the Seven King of Sangalla
Tampangallo : The cave grave with hanging coffin.
Kambira Bori : Dead Babies grave in the tree a field of megalith for animal sacrificed.
Batutumonga : The beatuful mountaineous scenery to watching.
Lokomata : The highest grave in Toraja land carved out of huge boulder with the spectacular    scenery surrounding.
Palawa : An oldest native village with group of rice barns.
Sa'dan tobarana  : The centre of Torajan traditional weaving.
Nanggala : The beautiful row of rice barns with Torajan
marante : The old cafe grave with skulls and bones are strewn around.
Makula : The mineral hot springs.

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